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Spotlight On Thermoforming -

 Creating an Environment for Innovation -
Slide presentation by Bonnie Bachman of Motorola, Inc at ANTEC 2001

Failure Analysis of Plastics by Barbara Gedeon of Bodycote Broutman

Introduction to Color Theory

What are Thermoplastic Elastomers - from GLS Corporation

Fuel Resistant Plastics

Design Check List - and Exploiting the Potential of Plastics Gears

Liquid Crystal Polymers: An Overview of Technology and Typical Applications -
From Ticona
(presentation in PDF format)

How Plastics are Classified

Glossary Of Plastic Technology Terms

Conversion Tables

Plastic Processing Methods

Generic Abbreviations

Trade Name Search

Guidelines to Wall Thicknesses of TS Materials

General Properties of Nylons

A simplified diagram showing the importance of understanding of the various steps in project management.