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Studies and Presentations of Special Interest

Presentations from M&M Division - Pittsburgh October 4, 2007
Market Research in the 21st Century by Margaret Baumann
Competing Regionally in a Global Market
by Roger Jones

Randcastle Extrusion Elongator Presentation
See November 07 Newsletter for article
For more information contact Keith Luker at Randcastle Extrusion,
Phone: (973)239-1150 or sales@randcastle.com

Papers from ANTEC 2005 Papers from ANTEC 2004

“Supply Chain as a Competitive Tool” presented at TPE TOPCON in Akron September 2003 by Margaret Baumann

Application Advances Through TPE's
presentation by Margaret Baumann, GH Associates, January 2002 at SPE Conference in Houston TX

Creating an Environment for Innovation - presentation by Bonnie Bachman & Stephen Bozzone of Motorola, Inc. at ANTEC 2001
to view click here

For latest Version of Automotive Instrument Panel CD-ROM from Robert Eller & Associates and to see samples and ordering information. Request a Demo CD
See Robert Eller Automotive Industry related presentations.

"World Plastic Market Review" presented at ANTEC 2002 by Bill Kuhlke and Dr. Tom Walsh

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Other Presentations of Interest

SCHOENWALD CONSULTING's new report The Market for Stand-Up Pouches in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe 2004 and Forecast 2008, includes deep research, exhaustive analysis, and bold forecasts that estimate growth for stand-up pouches in this rapidly expanding region of the world will exceed 14 percent annually between 2004 and 2008." Click here  to order.
A Brief Overview of the Nylon 6 Market in North America 2001-02 by Roger Jones of Franklin International, LLC 
Overview of the Nylon 6 Market in NA
as of December 2000, including producers and their rankings, quantities by end use and process method.  A snapshot of recycled and prime nylon 6 is included as well as estimated pricing." $59 (US$) to order or for information click here Also available are profiles on PBT and another on POM (acetal) click here for added information. ($59 USD).
By Margaret Baumann, G.H. Associates The Powder Injection Molding market is beginning to come into its own. This technology is beginning to receive broader acceptance and there are more feedstock suppliers and processors than ever before. This report is intended as an overview of the current market.
Price: $79 (USD) for more information or to order
OVERVIEW OF THE MARKET FOR PLASTICS MATERIALS --Prepared by G.H. Associates a brief overview of the main materials produced by the plastics industry by volume,
region of the world, market and process. This document is based on information available from 2000 resin data. $29.00 to purchase or for more information