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Book Recommendations - Order from Amazon.com

Some books we highly recommend: order from Amazon.com by clicking on the logo on the right.

New book by Roger Jones - Strategic Planning in the Plastics Industry-this book covers all of the bases in the plastics industry, from polymer manufacturing, through compounding, distributing, processing-even machinery and additives suppliers are included- in a thoughtful, down-to -earth discussion of the particular problems faced by managers in this industry in running their businesses
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Cradle to Cradle- William McDonough and Michael Braungart- discusses a world without waste, a world in which all materials are recycled.
Natural Capitalism, Peter Hawken (founder of gardening supplier Smith and Hawken), Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins-imakes a strong case that natural resources should be valued a part of our capital base as factories and machines.
Biomimicry, Janine Benyus- encourages companies to look to nature for possible design techniques.
The New Economy of Nautre-Gretchen C. Daily and Katherine Ellison- tells the stories of innovators trying to "make conservation profitable.

A Glossary of Plastics Terminology in Five Languages
Guide to Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics By Roger F. Jones Providing concise, basic information on the selection, use, and processing of short fiber reinforced thermoplastics and thermoset materials, this book examines the principles characteristics of these materials and their strengths and weaknesses in practical terms for design engineers.
Liquid Composite Molding By Richard S. Parnas 2000. 170 pages. Hardcover - Liquid composite molding is a family of versatile methods to manufacture composite materials for the automotive, aerospace, railroad, marine and defence industries. This book provides a fundamental understanding of the transport phenomena, chemical reaction engineering, and textile science that underpin modern composites manufacturing. Contains illustrative examples, software demonstrations, and problem sets. Price: 58.00 (GB Pounds) or $87.00 (US Dollars) +$4.50 S/H
Composites Materials Technology
Molded Thermosets
Blow Molding Design Guide by Norman C. Lee The objective of this book is to provide an understanding of plastic blow molding, materials, and processes. $
Designing with Reinforced Composites This book presents information essential for one to succeed at meeting product performance requirements while producing at the lowest cost-with zero defects.
Designing Plastics for Assembly
Joining of Plastics
Successful Injection Molding through CAE
Injection Molding Alternatives
Injection Molds
Technology of Thermoforming
Decorating Plastics
Plastic Part Design (CD Series)