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1. What are the greatest challenges facing you in product design and development with plastics materials and process? (check all that apply)
a. Hard to find user-friendly information
b. Material selection
c: Availability of knowedgeable suppliers
d. Other
e. No problem

2. What types of information are most helpful to you? (check all that apply)
a. Tips/Productivity tools
b. Application case histories
c. Materials and process selection tools
d. Glossaries; nomenclature
e. Other

3. What aspects of PolymerPlace do you like best? (check all that apply)
a. Technology trends
b. Newsletter
c. Tools/Tips
d. Case Histories
e. Supplier Directory
f. Post a Question
g. Overall concept

4. Would you consider participating from time to time in an on-line survey in your area of interest or expertise?
Yes No ........If yes, please register to join our On-line focus group. See the Home Page.

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