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European Automotive Instrument Panels
Photo and Database CD-ROM
Automotive Instrument Panel

Prospectus for a Photo and Material / Supplier Database
of European Automotive Instrument Panels

REA has described the global interiors sector in several multiclient and single client studies. Until now, the visual dimension has been incorporated only as a supplement to illustrate key technical, economic or design perspectives. In response to demand from our global interior clients, we have assembled a collection of photos of European instrument panels and an associated database, which are available on the compact disc described in this prospectus.

The REA European IP photo collection -- contains side and/or front views of 209 European models between 1980-2000 (178 of these are for 1990-2000 models).

The REA European IP database -- contains data on 433 models including:
  - 353 models between 1990-2005
  - 81 models that will start up between 2001-2005.

The IP database includes class, platform, start-up date, volumes, cover-stock material/supplier, foam type, substrate material/supplier, and identification of passenger airbag door type. Exhibit B contains a sampling of information from the database.

CD features -- Interrogating the photo database will bring up both the color photo (side and/or front view) and the material/supplier data associated with the selected IP. Photos may be compared and printed side-by-side (Exhibit A) or as a single photo (Exhibit B). Photo dimensions may be manipulated to fit the desired space. Data in the REA Euro IP database may be interrogated, sorted, filtered and summed (e.g. by year, material type, supplier, quantity, airbag type, etc) to create custom databases and charts as required by subscribers. User comments may be added (see Exhibit B).

Who should subscribe -- Designers and engineers concerned with IP design details. Materials suppliers and business analysts for whom material substitution trends and cockpit supplier customer data are required to formulate market strategy.

Ordering -- The CD can be ordered or further information can be obtained:
  - Via telephone 330-670-9566 or fax 330-670-9844
  - By filling in the on-line order form and submitting payment of the appropriate amount for the number of CDs desired.

Subscription includes user's agreement to respect the copyright protection for the REA CD.

The Quantity of Photos and Data For Each Model for Each Year

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