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Polymerplace is a web-based portal to information and services
to assist in the development of products and applications from plastics materials and processes.
We emphasize the importance of understanding the needs in the market to
nurture and commercialize new technology.

Now introducing our enhanced service offering: Through our partner, G.H. Associates, PolymerPlace now offers: 

A disciplined business development /commercialization process

  • Market research
  • Product introductions and positioning analyses
  • Targeted marketing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market Channel Analysis
  • Customer Perception Studies
  • Qualified Lead Development Programs
  • Newsletter development/marketing strategy

 Call us at 908-832-2207 for a free consultation or e-mail us at: mbaumann@polymerplace.com

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PolymerPlace is a joint venture of G.H. Associates and Franklin International, LLC.
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